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Macdonald Volunteer Service Awards

The Macdonald Volunteer Service Awards were introduced in 2006 at the 125th Anniversary of the RM of Macdonald. Several awards are presented annually by the Macdonald Public Recreation Commission at a special event honoring the recipients. Since its inception, 98 residents and 4 Organizations have been recognized for their efforts and dedication to their communities.

Who can be nominated?

The Macdonald Volunteer Service Award will be presented to individuals who have embodied the spirit of volunteerism and have
made a lasting and meaningful contribution through their volunteer activities.

Candidate's volunteer work must have occurred in the R.M. of Macdonald.
Individuals of any age can be nominated.

Candidates will be judged according to the following criteria:
Activity - What did the candidate do? How many years did he/she commit to volunteer efforts?
Leadership - How did the candidate demonstrate leadership?
Other volunteer involvement - What other volunteer activities has the candidate participated?
Impact - What has the outcome of the candidate's efforts? How many people benefited? What was actually accomplished?

Award Categories

  • Youth - Recognizes young people who have made considerable contributions to their schools, organizations and community through volunteering. These young people serve as role models, encouraging other young people to give themselves for the betterment of their community and municipality.
  • Individual Volunteers - Presented to exceptional volunteers whose efforts have contributed significantly to the quality of life of their community.
  • Award of Merit -Awarded to an individual who has made an exemplary contribution to the municipality. Award of Merit candidates have served the wider municipality by performing multiple volunteer activities over an extended period of time providing benefit beyond their own community.

Note: Awards will be limited to one individual in each category from each community

Important Dates

Monday, June 20, 2022


How to Nominate:


Volunteer Service Awards Nomination Form

Nominee's: Name, address, phone number and email.
Nominator's: Name, address, phone number and email.
Choose category for nomination: Youth, Individual, or Award of Merit

Nominee info: (Please provide as much detail as possible)

  • Describe the volunteer activity/activities that the candidate has been involved.
  • How many years has the candidate been volunteering?
  • How has the candidate's efforts impacted the community?
  • What is exceptional about this individual? How has this nominee been an inspiration to others? Why should the award be given to this person?

Further information is available from MHRD at 204.885.2444 or .

Past Award Recipients:

2020 (To be recognized at 2022 event)

  • George Cormier (Individual, La Salle)
  • Keith Rempel (Oak Bluff)
  • Margaret Boekorst (Brunkild)
  • Rick Nychuk (Domain)
  • Dan Gargan (Starbuck)
  • Lillian Murner (Sanford)
  • Cliff Harrison (Domain)


  • Vona Guiler (Individual, Starbuck)
  • Greg McCulloch (Individual, La Salle)
  • Glenn Brenner (Individual, La Salle)
  • Brad Day (Individual, La Salle)
  • Garth Hanna (Individual, Brunkild)
  • Steve McFarlane (Individual, Oak Bluff)
  • Harlan Bestland (Award of Merit, Brunkild)
  • La Salle Day Care Committee: Jenn Penner, Janice Brown, Heather Wiebe (Award of Merit, La Salle)


  • Stacey Enns (Individual, Domain)
  • Chris Lippens (Individual, La Salle)
  • Kathryn Bartmanovich (Individual, Sanford)
  • Kelly Kabernick (Individual, Sanford) (Posthumous)
  • Enrica Herfurth & Darren Fisher (Individual, Brunkild)
  • Kerry Baldwin (Award of Merit, Starbuck)
  • Doug Erb (Award of Merit, Oak Bluff)


  • Lenny Poersch (Award of Merit, Brunkild)
  • Ben Brigg (Youth, Domain)
  • Carol Pasieczka (Individual, Domain)
  • Philip and Leanne Fenez (Individual, La Salle)
  • Trevor Richardson (Individual, Sanford)
  • Cathy Arnal (Award of Merit, Starbuck)
  • Earl Winzinowich (Individual, Oak Bluff)


  • Tom & Donna Bell (Award of Merit, La Salle)
  • Alison Sims (Individual, Brunkild)
  • Jane Manness (Individual, Domain)
  • Harry Ammeter (Award of Merit, Starbuck)
  • Marie & Brent Poole (Award of Merit, Oak Bluff)
  • Doug Moors (Award of Merit, Sanford)
  • Erin Westra (Youth, Oak Bluff)
  • Alyssa Robb (Youth, Oak Bluff)


  • Cordelia Yaworski (Individual)
  • Sharon Bestland & Barb Kaminsky (Individual, Brunkild)
  • Ron Hewett (Award of Merit, Oak Bluff)
  • Starbuck Dinner Theater (Award of Merit, Starbuck)
  • Marianne & Dennis Litster (Award of Merit, Domain)


  • Doug Pouteau (Individual, Sanford)
  • Mark Arnal (Individual, Oak Bluff)
  • Linda Hampson (Individual, Sanford)
  • Denise Vier (Individual, Starbuck)
  • Claude and Cynthia Bisson (Individual, Brunkild)
  • La Salle New Facility Committee & Fundraising Committee: 11 (Award of Merit, La Salle)


  • Patsy Andrews-Vert (Individual, Starbuck)
  • Larry Manson (Individual, Domain)
  • Rita Lavoie (Individual, Starbuck)
  • Lynne Elke (Individual, La Salle)
  • Jon and Jen Magarrell (Individual, Domain)
  • Isobel Cuddy (Award of Merit, Sanford)
  • Joyce and Rudy Dusik (Award of Merit, Oak Bluff)


  • Wendy Kukelko (Individual, Oak Bluff)
  • Gary Romijn (Individual, La Salle)
  • Michelle Grabowski (Individual, Brunkild)
  • Ray Kasur (Individual, Sanford)
  • Regina Parker (Individual, La Salle)


  • Michelle Erb (Youth, Sanford)
  • Sharon Masse (Individual, Starbuck)
  • Tammy Shirtliff (Individual, Starbuck)
  • Rae Cormier (Individual, La Salle)
  • Janice Harrison (Award of Merit, Domain)
  • Eric Glass (Award of Merit, Oak Bluff)


  • Danny & Roslyn Anseeuw (Individual, Oak Bluff)
  • Heather Bunkowsky (Individual, Brunkild)
  • Romeo Saltiss (Award of Merit, Starbuck)
  • Monty Magarrell (Award of Merit, La Salle/Domain)
  • Grace Hendrickson (Award of Merit, Starbuck)
  • Gerald Hogue (Award of Merit, Domain)


  • Becki Kozalk (Youth, La Salle)
  • Florence Parker (Individual, Starbuck)
  • Kerri Molloy (Individual, La Salle)
  • Barbara Agland-O'Connor (Individual, La Salle)
  • Marlene Podaima (Award of Merit, Starbuck)
  • Brian Ewanika (Award of Merit, La Salle)
  • Jim Moffat (Award of Merit, Sanford)


  • Tom Hancock (Individual, Oak Bluff)
  • John & Helen Marshall (Individual, Starbuck)


  • Heather Lewko (Individual, Sanford)
  • Lorne Erb (Award of Merit, Sanford)
  • Les McIntoshv (Individual, Starbuck)


  • Samantha Kozalk (Youth, La Salle)
  • Ernie Chumola (Individual, Starbuck)
  • Joanne Rempel (Individual, Oak Bluff)
  • Walter Carswell (Award of Merit, Domain)
  • Mildred Sweeney (Award of Merit, Domain)
  • Don & Gladys Manness (Award of Merit, Domain)
  • Ruth Gellatly (Award of Merit, Starbuck)
  • 1973 Oak Bluff Volunteer & Recreation Board (Award of Merit, Oak BLuff)
  • Richard Hewett (Individual, Oak Bluff)